Rain pipe antenna

Another successful check-in into the Arkansas Razorback Net tonight with the rain pipe antenna (which I've always read would not work when it rains, which it did - and it still worked...). Maybe largely thanks to Ed N3QL who always seems to be able to fish my signal out from the mud when no one else hears me :)

My station: /P, 10W, rain pipe antenna on multistory building, counterpoise on balcony: 26.3' (= 8m), SWR 3.3

73 de Marcus


  1. Another successful login to report on May 21, 2013 at 2335 UTC; dry weather, sun shining.

    1. Addendum: SWR was at 2.2:1 with dry weather.

  2. Another successful login to the Razorback Net on April 22nd with the rainpipe antenna; this time surprisingly with an SWR of 1:1 although I used the same 8m counterpoise. Weather was again dry.