RaDAR-America: The RaDAR Challenge

So... I looked everywhere for an Amateur Radio program which promotes /P /PM and /m operation, can be used on a daily basis, is not only for QRPers (but rewards them as well for their resourcefullness) but also for those who have commercial or Green Radios which often have a minimum of 10W output, does not challenge me to going to more or less exotic places like mountaintops (which I can't climb on any regular basis), which promotes ragchewing (!) while doing portable ops and promotes the use of APRS and situational awareness maps. Wow - what a mouthful.

Thought about this for quite a while and it was the RaDAR concept from Eddie that made me come up with the RaDAR-Program which is now out there to Challenge you (thank you Greg N4KGL for that idea!). If you think that it all points towards EmComm friendly activities which are being rewarded in this program...

RaDAR-America: The RaDAR Challenge: 1. Aim The RaDAR Program is aimed at promoting the use of Rapidly Deployable Amateur Radio stations and is for all licensed radio amateur...

73 de Marcus

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