iron fence antenna

So today I thought I'd give a fence antenna a try... Went down to the apartment complex pool - no one around - rolled out my 80m wire, just layed it along the iron fence and clipped the end to the fence, no counterpoise (since I had forgotten to bring one along), tuned up and got an SWR 2.3:1. And what did I hear? N3QL as Netcontrol for the Razorback Net coming in loud and clear :)  Usually don't hear him that well with lots of static via the rainpipe antenna solution. But the fence antenna - MUCH better S/N. Also the rest of the check-ins came through mostly loud and clear tonight - best check-in session I've had until now. Seemed as if my signal was not any different to normally, I checked with N2QL, but it sure made a difference for me.
Thus - if you have no place to lay or hang an antenna - think about what else might work and give your tuner a try. All in keeping with the RaDAR spirit.
All usual precautions apply - as always - for yourself and everyone else. Safety is never to be compromised, don't give anyone an RF burn or worse!


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