N4KGL QRP: Down to Earth Antenna

N4KGL QRP: Down to Earth Antenna: I had seen a post on Markus KD0JKM's Blog about a grasswire antenna. So why not give it a try. I had some left over ribbon cable to mak...

If you are into Loop Antennas, please also look at the article by VK5ABN, which you can find here:
or here:

73 de KD0JKM


iron fence antenna

So today I thought I'd give a fence antenna a try... Went down to the apartment complex pool - no one around - rolled out my 80m wire, just layed it along the iron fence and clipped the end to the fence, no counterpoise (since I had forgotten to bring one along), tuned up and got an SWR 2.3:1. And what did I hear? N3QL as Netcontrol for the Razorback Net coming in loud and clear :)  Usually don't hear him that well with lots of static via the rainpipe antenna solution. But the fence antenna - MUCH better S/N. Also the rest of the check-ins came through mostly loud and clear tonight - best check-in session I've had until now. Seemed as if my signal was not any different to normally, I checked with N2QL, but it sure made a difference for me.
Thus - if you have no place to lay or hang an antenna - think about what else might work and give your tuner a try. All in keeping with the RaDAR spirit.
All usual precautions apply - as always - for yourself and everyone else. Safety is never to be compromised, don't give anyone an RF burn or worse!




KD0JKM/DL will be operating DL0DM on the 20m band on May 23rd from 11 to 12 CET (0900-1000 UTC), exact frequency to be determined.


operating DL0DM

KD0JKM will possibly be operating DL0DM on May 23, 2013 from 0900-1000h UTC.

Further details provided ASAP.


N4KGL QRP: And now for an Antenna you will really like!

See the post below for a nice KISS antenna idea by Greg N4KGL. Last thing you want when you are out portable is to have an antenna break on you. I don't see a Slinky antenna ever being able to break when you are /P or /PM ...

N4KGL QRP: And now for an Antenna you will really like!: My friends Marv KK4DKT and Phil KK4DWI have started using Slinky dipoles for portable ops. I had purchased a Slinky antenna off of Ebay a lo...


Rain pipe antenna

Another successful check-in into the Arkansas Razorback Net tonight with the rain pipe antenna (which I've always read would not work when it rains, which it did - and it still worked...). Maybe largely thanks to Ed N3QL who always seems to be able to fish my signal out from the mud when no one else hears me :)

My station: /P, 10W, rain pipe antenna on multistory building, counterpoise on balcony: 26.3' (= 8m), SWR 3.3

73 de Marcus

RaDAR-America: The RaDAR Challenge

So... I looked everywhere for an Amateur Radio program which promotes /P /PM and /m operation, can be used on a daily basis, is not only for QRPers (but rewards them as well for their resourcefullness) but also for those who have commercial or Green Radios which often have a minimum of 10W output, does not challenge me to going to more or less exotic places like mountaintops (which I can't climb on any regular basis), which promotes ragchewing (!) while doing portable ops and promotes the use of APRS and situational awareness maps. Wow - what a mouthful.

Thought about this for quite a while and it was the RaDAR concept from Eddie that made me come up with the RaDAR-Program which is now out there to Challenge you (thank you Greg N4KGL for that idea!). If you think that it all points towards EmComm friendly activities which are being rewarded in this program...

RaDAR-America: The RaDAR Challenge: 1. Aim The RaDAR Program is aimed at promoting the use of Rapidly Deployable Amateur Radio stations and is for all licensed radio amateur...

73 de Marcus


Mission Manager - Situational Awareness Tool

Written by people who have years of experience running real missions and managing emergency personnel.

Currently used by Sheriff, Fire and Police Departments, Hospitals, SAR/USAR Teams, Animal Rescue, Schools, Emergency Operation Centers, Civil Air Patrol and more.

Also features - amongst many other things - direct entry of USNG coordinates for multi-layer map (thus now the second map app that I have found to be able to do so). Truly enjoy using it since it's intuitive and thus easy to use.


Great fun going /PM today for RaDAR-America

Had great fun going to Hot Springs National Park today, doing some /PM operating with RaDAR-America. My XYL was the BEST, helping me set up and guy down my antenna mast for a Delta Loop and later on about 1 mile further for a Vertical setup. Images of the Delta Loop are below.



How to go to a USNG coordinate on a map

The only map that I found which is able to center on an entered USNG coordinate is this one:

Once there, you have to click:   Tools > US National Grid

and then you will be able to enter the USNG coordinates. That ESRI map tool however  lacks topographic overlays, which is really a drawback.


Rain pipe antenna

I read about the rain pipe antenna many times, but never thought it would work for me in an apartment. Finally gave it a try some weeks ago and have not regretted it. Rain pipe has one approx 33' (10m) horizontal and two 24' (8m) vertical elements. Connection is on the balcony via a thin insulated wire. Counterpoise is laying on the balcony, approx. 24', I am still playing with the optimal length. SWR 1.5:1 currently.

This gets me on the AR Razorback Net on 3987.5 every time I am able to set up my transceiver.
Reception reports throughout AR are variable, but sufficient to get me out.