Introducing the Radio Assistance Network

Another interesting concept I read about this weekend...

Allow me to re-blog:

to join the email group for this new idea.  Your input will be appreciated.  The concept draws on comments and thoughts over the past few months about alternative concepts to ARES/RACES and formal groups,  and also on the comments made by those wishing to expand some of the NBEMS HF activities..  Co-moderators for the email group are solicited. 

The website is quite basic at the moment, not even any colors, but will improve it as suggestions arrive and as interest grows.  I'll create a specific domain name if their is sufficient interest.  The group is open to all , around the world.  Perhaps some regional sub-groups in the future.

Of particular interest are your comments on what may seem like a peculiar idea, the 8-8-12 Nets.  

Andy K3UK

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